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Company Profile

Fortis Petroleum Corporation AS was founded in April 2010, with a focus on creating value via exploration by utilising leading edge geophysical technology to identify and de-risk prospects. The primary focus is on new and revitalised play concepts in mature areas. The company has access to more than 200.000 Km2 of state of the art 3D seismic in NW Europe which provides a unique regional perspective and allows the company to:

  • Establish new and challenge established play concepts based on a super regional 3D data base.
  • Increase exploration activity in mature as well as under-explored areas
  • Optimise and de-risk the exploration process
  • Create value for stakeholders



Fortis will always be an innovative, opportunistic and focused explorer, utilising leading edge geophysical technology to cost-effectively create and realise value via exploration.

Company history

Fortis Petroleum Corporation AS (FPC), an independent Norwegian oil and gas upstream company founded in April 2010.

2011: Fortis Petroleum Norway AS (FPN), a wholly owned affiliate to Fortis Petroleum Corporation AS (FPC), prequalified as a licensee on the NCS in May 2011.
FPN expands portfolio with 3 licences via in-organic growth.
2012: FPN awarded 2 licences in relation to APA 2011 offshore licensing round.
Azimuth Ltd becomes a majority shareholder in FPC.
2013: FPN awarded 5 licences in relation to APA 2012 offshore licensing round.
FPN expands portfolio with 5 licences via in-organic growth.
2014: FPN makes its first discovery.
FPN awarded 6 licences in relation to APA 2013 offshore licensing round.
FPN expands portfolio with 6 licences via in-organic growth.
2015: FPN makes its second discovery.
FPN awarded 7 licences in relation to APA 2014 offshore licensing round.
2016: FPN awarded 4 licences in relation to APA 2015 offshore licensing round.


Fortis is primarily funded by the Seacrest Capital Group Ltd.

Seacrest Capital Group is a leading independent energy investor specialising in offshore oil & gas investments, leveraging its proprietary assets, relationships, operational and technical capabilities to build a diversified, global portfolio of regionally focused oil & gas companies.

Since 2010, Seacrest has invested in a number of successful oil & gas companies in the United Kingdom, Norway, West Africa, Ireland, South East Asia and South America.